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Calm Sea

Frequently Asked Questions

At Pacific Neurofeedback, we are here to support you on your journey to optimal brain health. Please reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to starting you on your powerful journey towards enhancing brain function and overall balance in your life.

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What to expect in a session

You can expect to sit comfortably while sensors are placed on your scalp to measure brainwave activity. You will engage in a visual movie or game of your choosing, while receiving real-time feedback on a screen. Sessions typically last 30-60 minutes, and the number of sessions needed varies depending on individual goals and needs. 


Preparing for a session

It is best to arrive to a neurofeedback session well-rested, avoiding caffeine and other stimulants. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid any tight-fitting accessories on the head. It is helpful to arrive with a clear and open mind, ready to engage in a session leading to progress towards your goal.

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Cost and typical course of treatment

The cost will vary depending on the protocol designed for you and your needs. Each session costs $200 to $300 depending on your technician The number of sessions needed for a complete course of treatment varies based on your unique protocol. It may range from 10 to 40 sessions for optimal results, or more, depending on the client's desired outcome.

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